Tyre Inflator Set with 2 x CO2 16g Threaded Cartridges

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12g, 16g, 25g, 38g
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Supply Ability:
2000000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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Blister Packs, we can also do customized OEM packing as per your requirements.
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7 days
Product Description


Tyre Inflation Kit
Presented in a blister pack with 2 x 16g CO2 T Cartridges and dual purpose valve plus black Foam holder


Blister Pack Presentation with instructions
Universal push-fit sprung release valve - for use with dual use with Presta and Schrader valves.
Complete with 2x16g CO2 and black foam cartridge holder.
Uses standard 3/8 - 24UNF Threaded cartridges 12g, 16g, 25g and 38g.


Certificates: TüV, NSF,ISO 9002


These kits are often used for customers own brand OEM customisation and presentations
As well as the packaging, the bike attachment/holder, even the cartridges can be engraved, etched or have your adhesive labels applied

Our tyre inflation kit is a great way to keep your bikes tyres inflated on the go, screw a threaded Co2 cartridge onto the pump and push onto the tyre valve, it quickly inflates your tyres in seconds. The cartridges do use 100% pure liquid C02, take care to protect yourself when using the pump, direct away from yourself when in use. The Co2 is non-flammable and non-toxic but can still cause harm on contact. The co2 inflator can take variety or cartridges to help you inflate any kind of bicycle tyre. The tyre inflation kit comes with two 16g threaded Co2 Cartridges.


The inflator easily attaches to a range of cartridges, the inflator works with any 12, 16 and 25 gram Co2 cartridges. Attach any of these cartridges and deliver precise inflation to your tyre at the touch of a button. The kit is lightweight and easy to carry with you, weighing only 35 grams, you can tuck it in your sock, put it in your pocket or in your saddle bag for easy use and access.


With our Push-To-Inflate patented technology, the bike tyre inflator can help you quickly, easily inflate your tyre. The Co2 bike inflator uses a light action spring to give you the best level of control over the airflow into your tyre. Our hardened puncture pin and insulation rings are all-metal, meaning that the Co2 bike inflator can deal with all temperatures and handle the extreme temperatures that the Co2 tyre inflation process produces. Can thread onto both Presta and Schrader valves.


We developed the first regulated co2 bike tyre inflator, so you know we know or stuff about quality bike tyre inflator construction. Using our knowledge and experience we have developed a high-quality product to give you the best out of your inflator. The spool valve is designed specially alongside the light action spring, giving you complete, precise control over the inflation of your tyre. The all metal construction dramatically increases durability and reduces wear, so you can take it with you anywhere on any of your rides.

The co2 bike tyre inflator kit is suitable for Road Bikes’, MTB, BMX, ATV, Motorcycle and Motocross bikes.


When you require packs of co2 refill cartridges, we can provide these also, they will fit all brands of pump the required threaded Co2 cartridges. For refill packs:
• The 12 gram co2 refill cartridges are available in refill packs of 5,10 and 50 Co2 cartridges.
• The 16 gram co2 refill cartridges are available in refill packs of 5, 10 and 24 C02 cartridges.
• The 25 gram co2 refill cartridges are available in packs of 24 Co2 Cartridges.
• The 38 gram co2 refill cartridges are available in packs of 24.


Here is our quick tyre inflation ‘fill’ guide, per 16g cartridge
• 1 x 16g to inflate 1 x Road Bike 27-inch/68.5cm tyre to 125/135psi, 8.5-9.2bar
• 1 x 16g to inflate 1 x MTB Mountain Bike 26 inch/66 cm tyre to 40psi/7.2 bar
• 1 x 16g to inflate 2 x BMX 20-inch/50cm tyres to 45PSi/3.06 bar
• 1 x 16g to inflate 1 x Off Road Motocross 80x100-21 tyre to 16psi/1.9bar
• 2 x 16g to inflate 1 x Off Road Motocross 100x100-18 tyre to 17psi/2.1bar
• 3 x 16g to inflate 1 x Motorcycle 120-60-17 tyre to 36psi/2.5 bar.
• 4 x 16g to inflate 1 x Motorcycle 180-55-17 tyre to 32psi/2.2 bar.


Here is our quick tyre inflation ‘fill’ guide, per 12g CO2 cartridge
• 1 x 12g to inflate 1 x Road Bike 27-inch tyre to 90PSI/6.2BAR
• 1 x 12g to inflate 1 x MTB Mountain Bike 26-inch x 2.1-inch tyre to 30PSI/2.1BAR
• 1 x 12g to inflate 2 x BMX 20-inch tyres to 45PSi/3.1BAR
• 4 x 12g to inflate 1 x Motorcycle 180/55/17 tyre to 24PSI/1.6BAR.


About Our Manufacturers:
Our amazing manufacturers provide us with the best quality wholesale co2 cartridges for our c02 bike tyre inflator kit and our Co2 cartridge refills. Mosa Co2 cartridges, Liss Co2 cartridges all meet guidelines and safety regulations, providing excellent quality bulk Co2 cartridges to the World


Buying From Us:
Order your bulk Co2 cartridges or bike tyre inflator kits from us and grow your own business. All orders are in bulk and OEM friendly, so you can put your own design, colours and brand on any products you order, to grown your own business out of our brilliant choice of products. Minimum order is 300 tyre inflators’ or 600 C02 cartridges.


Refill Pack Size Availability


12G THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES - Pack Sizes available
CO2 Cartridges Per Pack

Pack Sizes



Model No
51 pack of 5 CO2 cartridgesCO12T-5
101 pack of 10 CO2 cartridgesCO12T-10
501 pack of 50 CO2 cartridgesCO12T-50
40040 packs of 10 CO2 cartridgesCO12T-400
50010 packs of 50 CO2 cartridgesCO12T-500
Minimum Wholesale Order is 500 Cartridges


16G THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES - Pack Sizes available
CO2 Cartridges Per PackPack SizesModel No
51 pack of 5 CO2 cartridgesCO16T-5
101 pack of 10 CO2 cartridgesCO16T-10
301 pack of 30 CO2 cartridgesCO16T-30
20020 packs of 10 CO2 cartridgesCO16T-200
30010 packs of 30 CO2 cartridgesCO16T-300
Minimum Wholesale Order is 300 Cartridges



25G THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES - Pack Sizes available
CO2 Cartridges Per PackPack SizesModel No
2424 CO2 cartridgesCO25T-24
Minimum Wholesale Order is 240 Cartridges



38G THREADED CO2 CARTRIDGES - Pack Sizes available
CO2 Cartridges Per PackPack SizesModel No
241 pack of 24 CO2 cartridgesLCO38T-24
Minimum Wholesale Order is 240 Cartridges





About Us


We are proud to work with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers to provide a range of gas-based products that are suitable for use across a diverse range of sectors.

There are only 4 worldwide manufacturers of N2O with automated and certificated production lines - we work with three of them to provide the very best whippers and siphons to businesses in all corners of the globe.

Looking to find out more about the manufacturer that we work with? You’ve certainly landed in the right place!


About Mosa
Specialising in providing cartridges for carbonating soda, inflating tyres, whipping cream, and inflating car airbags, Mosa is an internationally recognised brand that is considered to be one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance, disposable gas cartridges.


Based on the western coast of Taiwan, Mosa Industrial Co-operation provides an extensive collection of consumer priced cream whippers, which have been manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Within their performance-focused cartridge product range, you will find everything from cartridges for inflating tyres and whipping cream, through to those that are suitable for carbonating soda and inflating car airbags.


Founded in 1992, Mosa is a reputable company that has continued to go from strength to strength, embracing the very latest technology for high pressure gas cylinders in order to improve the performance and functionality of their ever-evolving product range.


Working with the industry’s very best engineers, Mosa have become leaders in their field, supplying chargers in a wealth of different sizes so they can be applied to a wide variety of different applications. These include everything from fire extinguishers, safety products, and medical equipment, right through to air bag system, car parts, and more.


All safety standards are TUV and NSF certified. This leading brand has become one of the most reliable suppliers in Asia, offering a full product line that optimises customer satisfaction.


Gastro are European specialists, providing N2O Nitrous Oxide Cream Chargers and Whipped Cream Dispensers. Gastro is the only European company selling N2O worldwide that are both Alibaba Gold Rated and Verified specialists in the field.


Directly from our 2 bespoke state-of-the-art factories, Gastro professionally manufacture and produce N20 Cream Chargers and Dispensers, all of which meet food grade standards passed for production. Our factories boast new and automated production lines, bring great quality control and efficiency. Founded in 1998, just one of Gastro’s factories boasts 50,000 m2 of workshop area and employs more than 800 employees.


Gastro factory certification certificates and MSDS documents are available for inspection and inclusion with exports as required Including TüV, FDA, LFGB, DGCCRF, FDA food safety test and food grade standards certification. Our factories hold ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, as well as ISO14001 certification. Individual, rigorous and regular pressure testing ensures our customers receive products they can use with confidence.


Putting customer satisfaction first, Gastro also offers a bespoke customisation service that will allow you to enjoy the option of customising your very own design in order to promote your company on any product bottle.


Gastro sells to B2B customers directly from their factory, including many multinational chains and wholesalers. Gastro exports to more than 30 countries and regions in America, Europe, South Africa, Thailand and Australia. Our biggest export markets are UK, Australia, Netherlands, USA, Sweden, Denmark and France.


About Liss
When 100% pure and natural CO2 was found coming out of the ground, the factory was opened to capture this unique natural source.


Founded in response to a growing demand for gas cylinders, soda siphons, and cream whippers, LISS quickly became one of the world’s leading cartridge manufacturers, producing products that not only optimise quality and performance, but have also been expertly developed to stand the test of time across a diverse range of applications.


Armed with over 20 years’ experience working with predecessor companies, LISS manufactures gas cylinders, soda siphons, and cream whippers that can be used worldwide in virtually every branch of industry including commerce, science and research.


Based in Hungry, LISS manufactures compressed gas cartridges and imports them to all corners of the world. They also supply various parts and equipment, which use gas cartridges including soda syphons and cream whippers, and are ISO9001, ISO14001, TUV and NSF certified.


From hydrogen, acetylene, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide through to shielding gases for welding applications, noble gases and high-purity specialty gases, LISS specialise in providing commercial and industrial gases that are used throughout the world.


Based in Austria, iSi brings together power and innovation to optimise the performance and quality of their products. It is this approach that has earned them the title as leaders in their field, on a global scale, when it comes to the production of pressurised gas cylinders.


Providing customised solutions for all applications in which compressed energy is required in the form of pressurised gas chargers, iSi has years of industry experience in providing energy needed for a wide range of new markets and applications, in the form of high quality disposable gas cylinders.

Sports and Recreation




Used to reliably inflate emergency life vests, tyres, and a wide range of other inflatable components, CO2 tyre inflators offer exceptional inflation, performance, and speed.


Since gas cylinders were first introduced as part of a motorcycle repair kit during the 1980s, they have continued to thrive, becoming an integral part of innovative inflators, and hybrid pumps.


We offer a fantastic choice of high performance gas cylinders, from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers.


All of the tyre inflators we provide have been manufactured to the highest possible standard, in line with strict industry requirements.


Of course, if you have any questions about any of the products that we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly, professional and helpful team is always on hand to answer any of your questions.

Our tyre inflators are compatible for use with 12g threaded CO2 Cartridges, 16g threaded CO2 Cartridges, 38g threaded CO2 Cartridges.


Life Saving Expertise


Although we have become the trusted supplier of CO2 and gas to a wealth of high profile clients operating within the food and catering industry, we also provide a great range of high performance gas-based products that can be used in conjunction with applications that are used to save and preserve life.


Offering reliable and responsive performance in every emergency situation, our products will ensure that you are always well prepared.


After all, in any emergency, time is of the essence and every second counts. With this is mind, it’s vital that you have the live saving equipment you need to handle any emergency situation quickly and effectively.


All of the gas cylinders we provide have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the high industry standards adopted by applications needed for the medical industry.


We are dedicated to constantly expanding our portfolio with the very latest and innovative products, which allows us to consistently improve and develop our product portfolio.



Our gas cylinders are frequently used within the Aviation sector to quickly and effectively inflate aviation life jackets.


Whether it’s FAA- or CAA-compliant life jackets, our comprehensive cylinders have been rigorously tested in order to ensure that they comply with the aviation industry’s stringent quality and safety standards.


Suitable for industry applications on cruise ships, fishing boats, tankers, oil rigs, and even luxury yachts, our expansive range of gas cylinders are perfectly equipped to offer split-second inflation of all lifesaving equipment when you need it the most.


From lifesaving jackets and life buoys, through to two-man life rafts, you can rest assured that all of the gas cylinders we provide are fully compliant with international standards, such as EN-ISO 12402-7. But that’s not all - they are also recognised by official bodies such as the Underwriters Laboratories in the United States.

Equestrian Safety Air Vests

We provide a whole host of gas-based products that are suitable for inflating equestrian safety vests, so you will be able to enjoy every adventure on horseback, safe in the knowledge that you are fully protected.


Offering superior protection and coverage, Equestrian Safety Air Vests have been designed to provide optimum support, whilst protecting your neck, back, lower back, and vital organs.

But this doesn’t mean that you will be restricted, Equestrian Safety Air vests have been designed to allow you to move freely.

Motor Cycle Safety

When you’re travelling on the open road, it’s vital that you take your safety seriously and ensure that all parts of your body are protected.

All safety air vests can be teamed with your leather jacket or full leather.



Our gases strive to help those who protect us

Used in real life and death situations as well as training, our products are with those who protect us and our liberty and safety every step of the way.

Supplying nonlethal solutions to many, including some of the most elite military training organizations and weapons manufactures helping to make the world a safer place.



Our ethos is simple. As a business working with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we always put safety first.


With this in mind, we only work with manufacturers that hold all required industry-respected certifications for quality and safety. This is an area of our business that we refuse to compromise on.


In order to maintain the highest levels of quality, safety, and performance, we ensure that we pay close attention to the production methods adopted by the factories that we work with as well as he safety measures they implement.


We regularly inspect all of the factories that we work with and ensure that we review their industry specific accreditations on a regular basis.

And the results really do speak for themselves!


All audits are carried out by independent experts, customers, and development partners, in order to approve product safety and quality, demonstrating the effectiveness of our quality assurance measures.


Beyond this, we are not only involved in the development of international technical standards for safety-critical applications, but we also lead by example, championing the rapid implementation of new regulations and applying this to our own products.


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