Medical Use


Medical Procedures
Helping those who help others


In recent years, an increasing number of medical professionals have recognised the many benefits that come hand in hand with using gases to aid new and improved treatment methods.


After all, many people do not realise that gases are vital in hospitals, health care environments, and beauty salons, especially for treating a wide range of conditions and implementing effective pain management techniques.


We supply a great range of gases that are suitable for facilitating a huge range of medical procedures. Having developed a sound understanding of the demands that come hand in hand with all areas of the medical industry, we only provide gases that we know deliver the best results and performance.

From inflating, pressurization, and propulsion, through to cooling and mechanical energy, gas cylinders from Liss and Mosa can provide various system functions that optimise a huge range of specialist treatment processes. Often, they are the key to user and/or patient-friendly, faster and/or more cost-effective solutions for both existing and new applications


We have worked with many medical innovators, numerous entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and innovators to help them bring new devices and healthcare procedures to the global marketplace with our tailor-made cylinder solutions


Whether it’s a gas mixture or gas additive, we manage every stage of the production process, from the initial idea right through to market readiness.


Our European factory and their US operations office have been registered with the FDA.

Our cartridges, chargers and cylinders range in size from 1 ml to 88 ml and can be filled with whatever gases or gas mixture your application needs


Foamagen is a revolutionary foamy dura substitute that uses N2O Nitrous Oxide Medical Chargers in order to satisfy the clinically unmet needs for dura reconstruction after brain and spinal surgeries.

High-pressure gas and collagen are mixed to produce a highly porous foamy gel, which is flowable, lightweight, and can set in-situ in a matter minutes – making dura mater repair quick and easy. This foamy material is an effective solution, providing comfort after brain surgery and replacing time-consuming suturing techniques for the dura mater repair.


Cyrotherapy involves using a number of different therapeutic cooling methods in order to target different areas of the skin.

Scientifically proven to optimise a variety of aesthetic treatments, N2O cylinders can be used in conjunction with a huge range of lightweight, compact, and patient-friendly devices.


Thanks to significant advances in technology, today’s operating rooms are dominated by high performance technical equipment.


And, our gas cylinders have been proven to optimise a wealth of existing equipment, especially when it comes to compact pneumatic system solutions. This is because the new generation of surgical instruments are independent of central supply lines, making them more flexible and easier to handle for the surgeon.



Nitrous oxide is commonly used throughout the dentistry industry due to its safe and effective sedative properties.


Mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose, this well-known gas has been proven to help patients relax during certain procedures, especially patients who are nervous of the dentist.


Nitrous oxide is often referred to as “laughing gas” in dentistry and is not intended to put you to sleep but rather to make you feel more comfortable. This means that, during your procedure, you will still be able to hear and respond to any requests or directions the dentist may have.


Your dentist will ask you to breathe normally through your nose and, within a few short minutes, you should start to feel the effects of the Nitrous Oxide. Although side effects are rare, you may feel light-headed or even experience a tingling sensation in your arms and legs. Some patients even report that their legs begin to feel heavy.


The effects of nitrous oxide wear off soon after the mask is removed.


An increasing number of paediatricians, gynaecologists, and dentists are now using nitrous oxide as an effective form of anaesthesia in dermatology.


Helping to manage pain intensity during a variety of procedures, this gas has been proven to be an effective alternative to general anaesthesia or sedation techniques.



Nitrous Oxide remains one of the most commonly used forms of analgesia in labour, as it is an effective form of pain management with few side effects.


Food and Beverage Industry

All N2O products, including our whipped cream dispensers & n2o nitrous oxide chargers, can be used to accommodate the specific application demands that come hand in hand the food and beverage industry.


From classic cream application and aromatising and infusion through to espuma and filing and decorating, there are lots of ways that our dispensers and Nitrous Oxide chargers can be used to optimise productivity, precision and results in both residential and commercial kitchens.


As well as N2O being used for potato crisp/chip packaging to inflate the packets,
We create custom gas mixtures and cylinder sizes for almost any Food/Wine preservation application and commonly used gases are Argon (Ar) & Nitrogen (N2).


Classic Cream Application
Whippers are used in all areas of the catering industry when it comes to whipping cream and preparing sauces, cocktails, foams, espumas, as well as many other culinary delicacies.


And despite many advances in technology, whippers remain one of the best ways of preparing cream, and other liquid-based ingredients.


Aromatising and Infusion
Infusing techniques are adopted my chefs in all corners of the world when it comes infusing liquids with different aromas.


The process works when the N20 gas flows out of the cream charger into the liquid, which then forces the liquid to bind together with the N20 due to the high pressure that it is under. This then flavours the overall substance.


Once the pressure in the whipping device has been released, the N20 then forms bubbles and takes on the flavours of the ingredient, transferring the aroma into the liquid.

The Spanish word for foam, Espuma involves creating airily light foams to go on top of a range of different beverages. To achieve this texture, people in all corners of the globe used whippers and as a result, they are now a common sight in many modern-day kitchens.


It’s easy to prepare espumas from purees, cream and extracts, from juices, coulis, as well as soups or sauces, and they can be added to a diverse range of dishes and drinks. Espunas are not only a great way to enhance the flavours of food, but they are also a great way of optimising the aesthetic appeal of food.


Filling and Decorating
When it comes to adding a new and exciting dimension to your favourite dishes, it’s all about getting your filling and decorating right, especially when it comes to enhancing its presentation.


There are a whole host of high performance tools that can be used to unleash your imagination in the kitchen, allowing you to experiment with different flavours, textures and finishes.

Beverage Industry
A vast range of our Co2 products is used within the beverage industry and can be used to create drinks and perform rapid infusion.


Beer and Soda
We offer a range of different cartridges that can be used for pressurising and injecting Co2 into standard 2-inch neck plastic homebrew beer barrels.


Filled with 8 grams of natural carbon dioxide, all of our cartridges can be used for successfully carbonating and pressuring lots of different drink types.


Please note: you should always check that your barrel has the right adapter, as it’s vital that you keep your barrel pressurised. This is because as it empties, it will ensure that air is kept out in order to preserve your beer.


Our Co2 soda charger bulbs can also be used with a wide range of soda makers, allowing you to enjoy refreshing, sparkling soda water whenever you please. Ideal for adding a healthy dose of fizz to your favourite drinks, a soda maker will also allow you to add an extra fizzy kick to long drinks and cocktails.

Carbon dioxide is a pure and natural product that has been created deep within the earth by volcanic processes, therefore it is now used as an organic ingredient that naturally keeps your drinks fresher for longer.


We also provide a great choice of cylinders that contain 16 grams of natural carbon dioxide. Suitable for all brands of beer taps, these cylinders are suitable for lots of beer and beverage services.

Bar and Café Innovations
The coffee industry is constantly evolving, as more consumers than ever before are demanding new types of coffee!


As a result, bar and café innovations are constantly cropping up on our radar, and this revelation is currently sweeping all corners of the world, especially when it comes to experimenting with the endless possibilities that come hand in hand with Nitro coffee.


The good news is, you now don’t need to invest in expensive equipment to produce Nitro cold brew coffee and beer, as you can now purchase N2 chargers and whipped cream dispensers with coffee or cream in them that can be used to make the perfect brew or cold drink.

Nitro Beer
Our 2-gram Nitrogen chargers can also be used to prepare Nitro Coffee and Nitro Beer quickly and easily.

Having originated in Stumptown, Portland, Nitro coffee and beer have continued to increase in popularity and demand for this drink is currently at an all-time high.


Perfect for making drinks sweeter, creamier and richer, this technique is used throughout the beverage industry, in both small independent cafes and multi-national coffee chains, bars and restaurants.


How to make Nitro Beer
Nitro beer can be made in one of our stainless-steel cream whippers:

  • Fill with your favourite stout or ale.
  • Tightly screw on head.
  • Charge with one Nitro Charger.
  • Shake vigorously to dissolve the Nitrogen in the beer.
  • Dispense into cup or glass. The fast jet of dispensing 'whips' the nitrogen into the beer

Nitro Coffee
Restricting the amount of oxygen in the coffee, Nitrogen works by slowing down the rate of oxidation in the coffee. It is this process which makes coffee taste sour and bitter.


With this in mind, because Nitro coffee retains its fresh flavour for longer, it can be prepared in advance.


How do you make Nitro coffee?

  • Fill with your favourite cold brew coffee.
  • Tightly screw on head.
  • Charge with one of our Nitro Chargers.
  • Shake vigorously to dissolve the Nitrogen in the coffee.
  • Dispense into cup or glass and the fast jet of dispensing 'whips' the nitrogen into the coffee

Nitro for pressurising or preserving beer and wine
Our high-performance nitrogen cartridges can also be used in place of 8g Co2 cartridges in order to pressurise and preserve homebrew beer kegs or wine.


Nitro Infusions
Did you know that our Nitro infusions are also ideal for making infused cocktails?

And for optimum results, you should use with our Soda Splash carbonators in order to make a variety of different infusions!